Acorn Squash Dissectomy!

Acorn Squash Dissectomy

You might be thinking what is this about, Acorn Dissectomy?  Most of you know, I have been talking about our family going zero waste. This means, Zero waste in all aspects of my life including art making. When I first became a mom, I had to adjust, I could not always make art and when I could I was concerned with a promise I had made to my child to become a more environmentally friendly person. This is were it all began! I started refusing toxic paints. I also started to look at my food scraps as a way to include them in my art or as a source to make materials. It only made sense, since I was making all our food and spending more time in the kitchen.  I started a different kind of approach,  kitchen art! I started to print with them, use them to make dyes, before discarding them.

Quick Vegetable Printing Tutorial:

Items needed for this fun way to use table scraps as stamp tools!
- Veggie ends cleaned out and carved to your liking.
- Non toxic water soluble paints like tempera or watercolors.
I usually use watercolors but this time I used Prang tempera.
- Water bowl
- Brushes that are not animal hairs.
- Paper.
In this example I used plain white paper to make wrapping paper.


Make a pattern!
Voila! Unique handmade wrapping paper!
About clean up! Find a quite non trafficked area and let the water evaporate.
This is a good water conservation practice in art!
For the veggie scraps you used, if you used non-toxic water soluble paints,
simply wash with dish soap and discard in the compost bin.

In the past I have used this idea for my art. I used it in some images I have made combined with some image transfers. Image transfers our easily obtained in various ways. In these examples I have use the blending markers. These markers are said to be non- Toxic, but I have to think otherwise, as there smell is potent and awful. I have stopped using them as I am not convinced that they are non toxic and good for the environment! I have not yet tested an essential oil option to do transfers. Apparently you can use tea tree oil, but this item is expensive and please if you are pregnant don't use tea tree oil, it is not safe!

Little Red

I used broccoli stems to create the green foliage and Bok Choi ends for the roses with watercolor paints.

Wolf (detail)

In this image I used broccoli stems for the tree trunks and foliage
and Bock Choi ends to make the flowers with watercolors.

Happy Veggie Printing!


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