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School's out for Summer!

I have been working hard this past week. My portfolio site was down for a while. It was not looking like I wanted too and needed to had some things I have been working on. And right before my children finished school I had decided to get my portfolio reviewed. It always feels good to get your worked looked over by peers to see if your message gets across right or to get different perspective. But I was not ready when I sign on for this! Under pressure, I work well sometimes!

Now this is done and I am happy about it! I found that I needed to have a "circular grid" squares are nice but I find circles to be more representative of how I work, in cycles! Next step, a blog makeover!

If you are curious, go check out my new"house"! I have been working on some new series. One is  work in progress and the second is works in synchronicity with the Pagan calendar.

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Martine Chartrand
Pour moi l'art de la photographie est un processus de découverte, d'expression et de guérison de l'émotion humaine, qui m' accompagne toute au long de ma vie. Avec la lumière, j'écris des histoires qui me comblent et qui me hantent. Ma caméra est une extension de moi. Quand je n'est pas une caméra en main j'ai des cisaux et de la colle. Et quand je n'ai pas le nez dans les arts, il milite pour la planète!